The Small Block

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls with THE-BLOCK® are an easy way to landscape your outdoor living space.
They can be used to hold back the bank at the edge of the property to create more yard space, as a planter to keep the garden tidy, or anything in between!

Your imagination is the limit to what this block can do.
For ideas on what to build, and information on how to build, see our Installation page.


By rotating the blocks so that the long side alternates creates a fence finished on both sides. The fence design allows for continuous cores which can be filled with concrete for reinforcing the structure. Grooves along the top of the block can be used for rebar reinforcement.



THE-BLOCK® can be used as a masonry block to create buildings. The rebar grooves and cores created when alternating the long side of the block allow for additional reinforcement, if needed, the same as in the fences.



The small block covers 0.66 face square feet, and weighs 46 lbs.