The Large Block

Retaining Walls

The large block can be used to create retaining walls using the same principles as the small block. Because THE-BLOCK® is larger and heavier than its smaller counterpart, it can be used for structurally stronger, higher walls, and can reduce the amount of exta reinforcing.

The large block can be interchanged with the small block in order to create different radiuses, both inside and outside. All walls appear visually the same from the front, so larger blocks can be used at the base of the retaining wall and smaller blocks at the top of the retaining wall, cutting down the cost of product and installation.



Depending on reinforcing requirements for the retaining wall, the large blocks can be integrated on each row so that the wall becomes two or more blocks deep, giving more depth back into the retained slope. The rebar groove again facilitates poured ready-mix concrete reinforcing of the wall system.


Creating a fence with the large block is also possible where a much stronger fence is required.
The depth of the fence can be increased any number of blocks deep, as an example, a fence that is 6' high, 6' deep, by any length desired.

Pictures to come as projects are completed- see the small block fence for ideas.


The large block can be laid out in a grid pattern that can be used in several applications. Grass grids, erosion control, boat launches, are but a few examples. Whereever a grid is needed, whether permanent or temporary, THE-BLOCK® is the perfect solution!
Retaining walls and fences can be integrated into the grids, depending on application. Example: walls required on either side of a grid to prevent soil movement, or for erosion control.

Stream Reclamation

The large block is currently being tested in an innovative solution to allow fish to migrate upstream in artificial situations. Rods can placed through the alignment holes to pin the blocks down.

Updates to come!


Ideas for Something New? Let us know!


The large block covers 0.72 face square feet, and weighs 86 lbs.